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ASD Maremma 4 Style
Start your adventure!
kitesurf, Windsurf, Sup e Wakeboard

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ASD Maremma 4 Style

Love watersport!
The sport centre, fully dedicated to the practice and promotion of kitesurf, windsurf, sup and wakeboard, is located in Tuscany, in the middle of Talamone bay surrounded by the beautiful Maremma regional park. The centre stretches for 6.000 square mt. And includes a chill out area with a private access to the main spot entirely dedicated to the practice of water-sports. At our center you will be able to learn and practice your favourite water-sport safely thanks to the support and assistance of our certified and experienced instructors
Sports Center Maremma 4 Style Located in the bay of Talamone, an ideal spot to learn or perfect your favorite sport!
Offered services Area equipped for relaxing on the beach but above all many services for our sportsmen!
Kitesurf, Windsurf, Sup, Wakeboard courses Qualified instructors will support you in complete safety and with the use of modern equipment.
EventsDuring the spring / summer we promote many initiatives to have fun together.

courses: Kitesurf-Windsurf-Sup-Wakeboard

ASD Maremma 4 Style offers you the security of


Our priority is to teach our students the disciplines in a completely safe environment, using the newest methods recognized all around the world (IKO – CSEN certification), making sure that you will become an independent surfer. Our instructors are IKO qualified and ready to adapt their teaching to your personal needs and learning path ,keeping safety and professionalism as a priority. Come to visit us! You will be impressed by our experience and organization!  WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU 

Kitesurf Course

Introductory, basic, advanced and advanced

Windsurf Course

Easy Rider:Introductory, basic, advanced. Funboard: basic and advanced Funboard: basic, advanced

Sup Course

Basic and complete and excursions along the coast!

Wakeboard Course

Private or group outings with dedicated boat.


Maremma 4 Style is located in Talamone, the spot works with all winds and is perfect both for those who want to learn and for those who want to improve their style!


Equipped area, recovery service at sea, equipment storage, Kite and Windsurf shop and much more
Contact us for any information on the numbers
Marco 3396070077 - Federico 3402758069



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Wakeboarding is a combination of water-ski and snowboard. You will use a board and a rope which is attached to a speed boat and be able to ride the waves or just following the wake of the boat by mixing speed and tricks, strenght and agility, control and creativity, at a speed of around 40 km/h.As with snowboard, the feet on the board will keep the same position giving you more stability when practicing tricks. This sport requires a good phisical strenght and high bodily resistance.

ASD Maremma4Style team is happy to teach you this activity in total safety always keeping an eye on the swell forecast!
Come and try this adrenaline and fun experience with us!


We offer you ...

Dedicated boat for private and/or group sessions of max 4 people. 

Contattaci per tutte le informazioni!




For those of you who may not know, SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Puddle. It. It is quite an easy sport to learn and pretty straight forward with no much technique involved, therefore accessible to everyone. SUP will give you the amazing feeling of gliding over the water while you are exercising your body sorrounded by breath taking natural landscapes.

M4Style professional dedicated team will teach you very quickly the basic techniques enabling you to be independent. Please, just be careful to not get addicted to it! ».


Stand up puddle is a very approachable and effective sport.  

You can choose between ...

- Beginner course: small theory, safety, balance, first approach to puddling. 

- Full course:
full puddle technique. 

Contact us for any information!




This is a very beautiful and traditional watersport! As the name suggests it is a combination of both sailing and surfing techniques. It is a sport that connects you with the nature by giving you a wonderful sense of freedom. The sail uses the wind strenght to elevate the board from the water so you can literally glide over it. It is a wonderful feeling!  

Come and visit us! At our centre we teach all levels in a very safe and natural environment! 


Our windsurf courses are open to adults and children!

Hourly packs: 1h - 2h - 3h -5h - 8h

- Easy Rider Introductory course: theory, low wind riding.  
- Easy Rider beginner course:
theory, low wind riding, turn and jibe. 

- C Easy Rider advanced course:
theory, low wind riding, turn and jibe, water-start, power jibe, riding upwind.  
- Contact us for any information!





Courses for KItesurfer

Learning kitesurfing has never been easier!
ASD Maremma 4 Style in its splendid location in the bay of Talamone, where the seabed remains low for about 200 meters beyond the shore and the spot ensures flat water with mistral and small waves with winds from the south, you can learn Kitesurfing, having fun, in complete safety, supported by our instructors with IKO international patent!


Safety and setup
First flight


Theory,  safety and setup
Kite flying
Launching and landing
Kite relaunch, body drag


Theory, safety and setup
kite flying, launching and landing
Kite relaunch, body drag
Water start with the board


Theory, safety and setup
Kite flying, launching and landing
Kite relaunch, body drag
Water-start with the board, prolonged riding
clear objectives


To achieve a goal, you have to set a goal. With ADS Maremma 4 Style you will always have a clear picture of your situation and your individual goals. We will always be at your disposal, followed in all phases of the course by professional instructors who will judge you in absolute safety in this splendid new adventure !.


With us you will have the opportunity to learn a learning method based on clarity and ease. Each step will be taught to you with patience and kindness.

our excursions